Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ATG Oracle Commerce - Export and Import Deployment Topology

It might happen that you need to start a fresh installation of your BCC Sites and Agents.

When this happens you can do an export from an existing installation, this can be done with component /atg/epub/deployment/TopologyManager/ by just clicking on DownladXML on both Topology as the following image:

There are 2 Topology, one is the primary that contains the Site configuration
This is where Production and Staging Lives, along with the agents and repository mappings associated to each site.
And the Surrogate seems to be pretty similar, but it will contain the relation ship to the Database Schema if DirectSlqReplication is configured.

And to do import is very easy as well, just need to click on import From XML and import both files, and click ok.

Then Refresh the page an the site will be present along with all the agents and all the repository mappings that were added, and finally click on make changes Live,  do a full deployment (optional) and you are done

This is very useful when configuring a new environment, because the xml can be changed to point to the new Ports and host names and all the mapping will be the same.

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