Friday, January 23, 2015

Quick Full BCC Deployment with DirectSQLReplication

This way of doing deployment is very helpful when catalog is big, with more 100k items on it.

It will run like 80% faster than a regular Full Deployment, for a 52k Assets took it just 123 seconds.

It applies on ATG10.1.2 and newer versions.

First you need to Set Flag useDirectSQLReplication to true into /atg/epub/DeploymentServer Component

This will change the repository mappings within BCC site as follows:

Then you need to set the prefix for your data source.
The prefix is the name of you database Schema as follows:

Is very important that you append . after the schema name, otherwise you will get an exception.

And the suffix is used when your db is on a different database than PUB schema.

It is important to mention that PUB schema needs to have select, insert, update and delete privileges on cata,catb and core schemas.

So you can run the following Script to get all of them and do a clear after you have the complete list:

There are some settings that will help on the performance of this DirectSQLReplication deployment:
This can be found at

The documentation about this can be found at and also apply for newer version, just make sure you visit the version you are working on.

Note: It might happen that full deployment does not work due database constraints that are not well defined, an option is disable the ones that fails to allow the full deploy to work.

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