Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ATG How to Make Staging Do not Switch when deployment

Staging deployment can be 50% faster if we configure it to not switch, this is useful when staging is used as preview environment for your business.

The First thing to do is configure all the Data Sources that use SwitchingDataSource to point to one of the Catalogs, these are the ones that are out of the box, you need to do the same for the custom Repositories that uses Switching Data source on your Store instance.


These should point to CatalogA as example


Then you need to configure the Agent to not switch, this needs to be done at Component /atg/epub/DeploymentAgent/ on your Pub Instance
  • switchableDataStores^=/Constants.null
After this change is done this will be shown as follows:
If everything is well configured you will see your Staging as follows:

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