Thursday, March 26, 2015

How to hide a workflow into BCC (ATG Oracle Commerce)

As Developer you can create your own custom BCC workflows, for example you can have a workflow that advance by itself (let's say an automatic workflow), and you do not want the BCC users see that into bcc, because is something they will not use:

You need to change 2 properties on /atg/bizui/activity/PublishingActivitySource/

One is to tell bcc which directories are having your BCC workflows, OOTB this is the value:

And there is another property that can be used to hide workflows, OOTB is empty, but you can change it as follows:

As Example, I have this configuration:

And it uses the .wdl on Common on BCC and hide the Content Administration directory, where are my custom workflows:

This hide the workflow from the BCC:

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