Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Use Profile Realms on (ATG Oracle Commerce)

Profile Realms were introduced into ATG 10.1, and it is a feature that will allow a MultiSite environment being able delimit users profiles among Sites.

Let's use ATG Commerce Reference Store as example.

OOTB uses Default Profile Realm  which basically allows you to use the same profile on all the sites.

But if you want to restrict the profiles per site you can do this configuring Profile realms:

Let's see this example:

The First thing to do is create your Profile Realms, in order to do it go to PUB dyn admin and browse to component /atg/multisite/ProfileRealmManager/ there is a form to create the realm and it ask for and ID, name and description. refer to

Provide that information and click on create, we have created 2 Profile Realms for CRS, crsUS and crsDE, when this is done BCC is able to see them.

After the profiles are present, it is time to associate those with the Sites.

In terms of configuration this is the only thing you need to do, CRS is able to handle profile realms, but if your custom applications is not using CRS as base store you need to take care of some considerations on your code.

But In code you need to take care of some things, like push and pop the profile realmId every time you are doing any action with the profile, such as Login, Logout, Edit account information, edit Profile Credit Card and so on, this can be found on the documentation at

This is a video of how the profile realms we configured above work inside CRS.

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