Thursday, April 9, 2015

How to change wysiwyg editor on BCC Merchandising (ATG Oracle Commerce)

ATG out of the box does have a wysiwyg editor for big String fields, such as product description, so you can instert html code to add rich content like images, or videos.
However is not very friendly and you can not change to source view.

This can be changed to use plain text, in ATG documentation explain how to do this at

Is not explained step by step, it assumes that you already know what they are talking about.

So we will do this step by step.

It says:

You can change the view mapping settings to globally replace instances of BigStringEditor with BigStringPlainTextEditor, which does accept code snippets. In the ACC:

We need to go to our BCC instance at the ViewMapping Repository compoentn whoich is located at:

Once this is done you can query for the following property views:

This will return you both property views that you need to change as the documentation says:
  • Locate the AssetManager big string propertyView and change its isDefault property to false.
  • Locate the AssetManager plain text big string propertyView and change its isDefault property to true.

as Follows:

Once you this is complete, just invalidate cache and you are done.

If everything is well configured you will see the bcc look from this:

to This: 

This is needed because most of the clients uses their own tools to edit html and BCC out of the box editor does not let you enter that kind of code.

Special Thanks Kike

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