Thursday, April 30, 2015

Re-index Orders and Profiles on CSC 10.1.2 (ATG Oracle commerce)

CSC 10.1.2 does use ATG search to do Profile Search and Order Search, this means that you need to run index to get new data into CSC when doing a search.

There are 2 components to achive this, one for order repository   and other of ProfileAdapterRepository.

Both components are located at:

As example of how these both work if you want to run an index for the items that were processed in the last 5 days and assuming the current day is April 30

you need to configure the start and end date for last modified date on ProfileOutputConfig  as follows:

Then click on submit and the Profiles that are modified withing that date range will be indexed.

If you go to OrderOutputConfig, you will notice that it have more options to do Re-index:
This is because OrderOutputConfig has more manualIndexRequests.

For more information of how do run re-index on CSC ATG documentation

This can be set to be scheduled instead of manual Process.

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