Thursday, September 3, 2015

How to set up Oracle Commerce Business Intelligence on ATG 11.1 (ATG Oracle Commerce)

This is already documented for ATG 11.1 and is at however I did it and had some issues with it, so I'll try to summarize it as follows:

Here is a diagram that shows an overview of the complete end to end process on Oracle Commerce Business Intelligence.
All the Instances can have Loggers to log transactions such as Order Submission, User Registration, Site Visits and so on, not that CSC and BCC can have loggers as well, and this is due the fact that you can track agents activities and Deployments data as well.

You can do this with cim, the steps to do this are at, there is another option that is create by yourself the DB schema and run the DDLS thse are located at ${ATG_INST_PATH}/ARF/DW/base/sql/db_components/oracle/ the steps to to this are at 

In this post we will focus just on Store Instance, but the same applies for CSC and BCC.
Store instance needs to include the following modules: 
  • DCS.DW 
  • DCS.CustomCatalogs
  • ARF.base
The list of modules to include per instance is at

Then DWDataCollectionConfig needs to be enabled and set the location where the logfiles that the loggers will create as follows:

Documentation for this is here

Oracle says loader servers must run on dedicated servers.
In order to make this happen the logger location for all the servers needs to be a Shared network location, so the Loader server can get the data from there.
On the loader server you need to specify the same for component DWDataCollectionConfig
And all the Datasources need to be available for DWLoader, the details can be found at 

This is all needed from Oracle Commerce point of view, having all the above stes configured DW schema will be populated with the data into the logs because the loggers will log every hour and the loader server will run once at day to get the data from logs and save it into DW database.

In case you want to do Load from the logs you just need to go into the loader component and do it by yourself all the loaders are at /dyn/admin/nucleus/atg/reporting/datawarehouse/loaders/ on your Loader Server.
Here is an example of how a Loader component looks like:

Files can be added manually to the queue and those can be loaded by running method loadAllAvailable, it will make the loader save your data into DW Database.
This is all you need to to in Oracle Commerce to load your information into DW database that will be used by Oracle Business Intelligence.

Installing Oracle Business Intelligence is a separate topic, however the documentation to do it is at  

Once Oracle Business Intelligence is installed we need to Prepare the datamodel, this is docummented at 

This will make OBI have Some default dashboards generated by ATG

Create a Dashboard and run it to get the data created on your Store application

I hope this help you to understand Oracle Commerce Business Intelligence.
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