Thursday, April 7, 2016

JRebel + ATG (Oracle Commerce)

As you know JRebel is such a great tool for deploy your java classes on the fly to a server that is running, this saves you time doing builds and time starting your server.

Also you know ATG builds are not fast, and also ATG applications take some time at start up due start lots of components for first time when starting.

So JRebel Team made JRebel work with ATG, and here are the steps that I did.

Do the JRebelQuickStart steps

After you are done with it you will end up with something like this:

This is not part of the quick Start but is fine if you turn on ATG plugin on the Plugins Tab.

Use the JRebel 6 Agent instead of the Legacy that is selected by default.

We are almost there, now you need to make sure the following:
You must have a rebel.xml file for each java project you configured on the Projects tab above, that file must be something like this:

JRebel will reload your .properties files on your ATG installation inside nucleus server, and in order to make that happen, instead of going and changing those on the atg installation you can just point your project to fileSync the files with your atg Installation.

Once these Steps are done, now you can go and change components on the fly without have to Restart, like create new property, no method or inject new component, the only thing that you need to do is make sure you change both your .properties file and your java class, so JRebel redeploys the configuration for the component.

I'll upload a video if these steps in action as soon as I have time.

Enjoy JRebel running on your ATG installation!

Very Important Note:
Make sure that your project is a java project and also does not have build-path errors, otherwise the auto-compile will not work, so your classes will not be deployed.

If you want to try JRebel, just email at to get a trail license for free.

Special Thanks to JRebel team that helped me out on setting my ATG environment to work correctly.

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