Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Missing menu items on BCC

Recently I faced a problem where my bcc menu was incomplete, so I checked that I had the correct roles on my user, so it was not an issue with roles being missing. searching on the web I have found this:
ATG Merchandising menu not appearing in BCC

Is a not answered question, however it should be answered question:

The post Says:

Please validate you have configured your publishing instance as PES in atg/epub/workflow/process/workflowProcessManager.xml

And that is what I did, and the hostname was corret along with my drp port.

The problem was, that I was using an alias for the box as the hostname, and BCC does not like that, so even thoguth that the hostname and the port were correct for me, were not, I needed to use the acutal name on the server not the logical/alias name that I had for it.

Here is what I am talking about

The server name was: uat01-atg.mycompany.com
The alias I had was: myapp-uat01.mycompany.com

The code ended up to be as follows:

The right way to do it is use the actual servername or the IP address, not the alias/logical name given to it.

That was the fix, special Thanks to Andres that found that this was the probelm.

To Find out what is the drp port you can go to on your BCC/PES instance:


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